Coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines may be lifting in some areas, but many people are still going to be working and socializing from home for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, even though we have a large number of platforms to communicate professionally and with our acquaintances, users prefer Zoom and Facebook Messenger Rooms.

Facebook Zoom
There are no time limits on calls. Limit of 40 minutes.
No invitation needed. The host needs to send out an invitation.
You can use within Facebook, without the need for any extra applications. You need to download the app to your device.
New brand, focus in the connection between customers. Was originally aimed at commercial customers and then adopted by consumers during the pandemic.
Up to 50 users. Up to 1000 users.

Besides, Facebook Messenger Rooms and Zoom services such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet and Google Hangouts continue to launch new features and free levels to keep people connected.

For the moment, Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing software apps on the market. Which one is your favourite?

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