Aura Arias – Multilingual Marketing Strategist

Welcome to Flourish Boundless

I am Aura Arias a multilingual marketing strategist from Spain living in UK, owner of this little corner of the internet. I invite you to dive into this website to know me a little bit.


Brand strategy

Analyze market research to curate a concrete strategy that enhances brand identity.

Campaign Management

Formulate and manage integrated campaigns to maximize results.


Optimizing your web promotion makes your website visible to Internet users.

Social Media

Plan and implement strategic social media plans to grow different channels.

About me

Uff,… six years it’s been since I started my journey in marketing.

I saw the birth of Facebook when I was in high school and found it fascinating to be able to communicate with the whole world through one platform. From there my interest in marketing grew. From designing leaflets and handing them out, hand to hand, with the aim of promoting a new Coca-Cola drink, to writing press reports for Cadbury’s.

If you ever need me, you can always find me in a cafeteria with a science-fiction book or checking my Google Alerts with the lastest trends in the marketing world. I am fascinated by languages, nature and art. I can’t live without going swimming or dancing at least once a week.

I am originally from Spain but moved to the UK three years ago, when I fell in love with the country during a summer internship as a Community Manager at a law firm. 

Need a break from social media and don’t know how to do it? Don’t know how to use social media or if you need to hire someone to help you? Want to know everything that’s going on in your favourite social network? Or what the brand that you use regularly is doing? 

During all these years I have been managing my jobs and studies with some freelance work. It wasn’t until last year that I started having freelancer clients. It all started with Covid, I saw companies with a great background but felt overwhelmed when they had to post on social media. From there Flourish Boundless grew, a place where companies could grow without limits. 

And because I am obviously human and have limits, I created #everybodyhasaskill, a network of professionals who help each other.

I have seen the birth and evolution of your favourite social networks.

Brands that I work With

I have collaborated with Aura on numerous occasions over the last 18 months and highly recommend her. Aura demonstrates a real passion towards digital marketing. She is always plugged in to the latest trends and knows how to use these for the good of her clients. It is great fun working with Aura and I enjoy our chats on websites, SEO, social media and other geeky topics! You should definitely work with Aura, her enthusiasm and skill will be great for your business.

Mike Sherwood, Web, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer @ FreshOnline / Derma Medical

Thanks, I’ll leave the optimisation for each article in your hands, you’ll know more tricks of the trade than me, I’m sure! Over to you which will be far neater and quicker if you take control of the process. Just email me here or What’s App me if anything requires swift checking or an answer. Thanks so much to my super-qualified intern. You’re worth your weight in gold!

Lisa Beaumont, Lisa Beaumont marketing

I have worked with Aura and spoken at some of the events, she organized. She is a marketing professional with expertise in event management and promotion. She is a skilled copywriter and completed my Ultimate. copywriting to influence masterclass. Aura is skilled at using social media marketing techniques to engage and persuade audiences. I have had the pleasure of working with Aura and found she is always dedicated to providing a satisfied customer / client experience

Nick Ronald, Copywriting, Content Creation & Marketing, Communications Training & Consultancy Services at Secret Influence Ltd