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Effectiveness in creativity


Since the start of the lockdown, consumers circumstances and buying habits have changed and brands have been forced to ‘think outside the box’, and some of them really has cultivated a formidable reputation for creativity in their adds.

That ability to perceive the world in a different way and make connections others might not is seen as unquantifiable. Yet time and again it has been shown that more creative brands deliver better business results.

Below we review some of the best posters during the lockdown.


Brand; NETFLIX for the tv show Black mirror

Caption; Live now. Everywhere

Brand; Guiness

Caption; Stay at home

Brand; NHS

Caption; Heroes

Brand; Unknow

Brand: Burger King

Brand; Karsten

Caption: For those who always see the glass as half full, staying at home is the best option

Brand; Cinema

Caption: Cinema closed. Until real life doesn’t feel like a movie. Stay safe. Be kind.

Brand; Jeep

Caption: It’s time to explore the great indoors.

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